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QBA of Helsinki Business College: International Business Studies in an International Group

Helsinki Business College offers vocational education in Business and Administration taught entirely in English. In the Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration, or QBA, you can specialize in customer services and sales. A new multicultural group of students started their QBA studies this fall.

From the left Faglul Raihan, Satomi Laatikainen, Riina Kuukso, Lewis Sandbrook and Nice Abdallah.

From the left Faglul Raihan, Satomi Laatikainen, Riina Kuukso, Lewis Sandbrook and Nice Abdallah.

– A student of Helsinki Business College recommended this program to me. I have nothing but good to say about this education, says Lewis Sandbrook from the UK.
– My Finnish language teacher recommended this qualification to me. I have working experience in tourism, says Tanzanian Nice Abdallah.
– I thought this was a good general qualification, says Finnish Riina Kuukso.

Bangladeshi Faglul Raihan has lived in Estonia and he has now moved to Finland. – I need a Finnish qualification to get a job here. I got interested in this because of business and entrepreneurship studies.
Lewis thinks that this education is a good start: – I think this a stepping stone to start a career or to continue studies in for example Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

Good combination

Satomi Laatikainen is from Japan, where she studied Nordic studies at the university. – After moving to Finland my education and work experience didn’t meet. I needed basic business studies. Because I don’t speak Finnish, I thought English studies were a good idea. I think this qualification is good for adjusting to Finland.

Both Faglul and Satomi have university degrees from their own countries. Regardless of that QBA studies haven’t been too easy for them.

The QBA group is the whole globe in a small size. There are only seven native Finnish students in the QBA group. – We have been working well together, says Riina and all the others agree.
QBA studies are a good combination of theoretical and practical studies. The studies include lots of team work.

The Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration is an international fast track to working life or further studies after high school/upper secondary school. The studies only last 1-1,5 years. High school level English skills are sufficient for studying in the program.

– I just love being here, says Nice.

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