Kirsi Suni

Our Alumni Cedric: Teachers in IAM education are very good

Cedric Songmene graduated from from Identity and Access Management (IAM) program in December.

Cedric has had quite a long trip to Finland. He moved from Cameroon to Ukraine to studyMarine engineering. Then he moved to Latvia to study business management. – When I was studying my Master’s Degree, I was investigating education possibilities in European countries and thinking what to do next. I thought that I should go and study ICT in Finland, Cedric said. Because he was not sure what he wanted, he moved to France for six months and searched for more information.

– I wanted to investigate what I would do next in the field of ICT in Finland.

– I found Access Management and Full Stack Web Development Programs at Business College Helsinki. But I said to myself I love to do something that’s new, something no-one knows too much about and something that is really useful, Cedric explains why he chose IAM.

Although IAM is not about coding Cedric found it useful that he had previous experience on coding from college and from university.

Really satisfied

Cedric has been really satisfied with the program. – The education is free of charge even for foreign students and we get a laptop from school. The teachers are very good. They are always open for any questions we might have and they really help us, Cedric tells. Cedric was also happy when he found out that if you don’t get paid for your internship, you can get a lunch compensation from Business College. – Students can concentrate on their studies.

Cedric did his internship at CSIT Finland in two parts. – First I needed to connect active directory on Windows. The lessons about active directory in the beginning of the studies helped me to do it. I also asked advice from my friend. During your studies there are issues you think you will not face in pro life, but later you find out how they actually help you at work.

After the graduation, Cedric has a position as IAM System Engineer in France. – I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset, but in order to employ people you firs need to be an employee. If you want to manage people you need to learn by serving. Now I’m getting business experience. My own company is my target in the future.

Cedric loved to study in Finland. – Finnish people are open-minded. Everyone I have met, has been very helpful. They have guided me. Nobody criticized, Cedric tells. In Finland Cedric has been enjoying Finnish nature and sauna.

    Kirsi Suni