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Student admission for the vocational education starting in August 2017

All the accepted students will receive the admission result letter by post. Study place and enrolment should be confirmed with an electronic form by 29 June 2017 at the latest.

All the applicants who filled in the online background questionnaire, will receive a written notification of their personal admission decision. Cancellations will be filled in according to the waiting list order. Further information: student affairs office, tel. (09) 1489 0490 or studentaffairs(at)

A list of students who have been accepted to Helsinki Business College and who have given a permission to publish their name on our webpages, below.

Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration

  • Ajadi Oladapo Sunday
  • Ali Ghafar
  • Anees Ansab
  • Dey Sudipta
  • Ediebah Enume
  • Fomina Ekaterina
  • Gautam Abishek
  • Ghimire Santosh Kumar
  • Hirvonen Mikko Sakari
  • Iakobson Valentina
  • Khan Farzana
  • Kochnev Mikhail
  • Konamah Dorothy
  • Lim Korin Yi Xiu
  • Majeed Afshan
  • Manilova Ekaterina
  • Murari Joshua
  • Oyelere Lydia Solomon
  • Pitkänen Marjo Annika
  • Päivinen Toni Kristian
  • Päivärinta Meri Anniina
  • Quinton Laura Emily
  • Razzak Abdur
  • Shah Syed Sameen Abbas
  • Silungwe Fank
  • Tüze Efe Anton
  • Vilhu Reeta Kanerva Tuulia
  • Waqas Muhammad Athar
  • Zelemotkin Maksim
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